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Communities Unite - Past Events


Below are some of the events we've done for the local communites.

Every event is not cookie-cutter or needs the same coverage, this is what makes Communities Unite different !

We tailor our events based on the needs of the cause to make the most impact.


Communities Unite

In April 2021, Elizabeth " Izzy " Wintz was diagnosed the incurable blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma.


Elizabeth's team attempted five different treatments. Her doctors were hopeful the latest treatments would stabilize her which ultimately led to a stem cell harvesting and transplant procedure.

Elizabeth Wintz and Children

Austin Beltrante

Communities Unite - Austin Beltrante Charity Event

Austin was just 13 years old having fun with friends playing on a train trestle, while holding onto a bar, his foot hit a live wire electrocuting him.


While ablaze, he was thrown in the air dropping 30+ feet and landing on the railroad tracks below. Austin had 83% of his body being electrocuted and burned.

Austin Beltrante

Christina DeFelice

Christina DeFelice And Children

On 6/9/2021 Tina received news from her doctor, that her PET scan showed cancer had metastasized to her Bones, Right Lung, and Lymph Nodes to her Skull. ​


Tina knew this was her final round to fight for her life and not give up; She fought not for herself, but her 4 Children, 4 Siblings, Family, and amazing supportive friends.

Communities Unite - Kendra Scott Charity Event

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