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Elizabeth Wintz And Children

April 2021, Elizabeth was diagnosed with a treatable, but incurable blood cancer: Multiple Myeloma

Those with Multiple Myeloma can live normal lives with proper medical treatment. Unfortunately, Izzi's condition was aggressive and cancer treatments led to several long-term inpatient stays for pain management resulting in chemo.

Elizabeth's team tried 5 different treatments to manage her condition. Her doctors were hopeful the latest round of treatments would stabilize her in proceeding with stem cell harvesting and stem cell transplant. This would provide long-term remission allowing Elizabeth to enjoy activities she enjoyed with Friends & family, Long walks with her dogs, travel, and work.

Elizabeth's illness prevented her from working and was emotionally difficult for her. Elizabeth was a Registered Nurse and cared for her patients as they were important to her; She cared for hundreds of patients by attending to medical needs and making them comfortable while serving as a friendly face.

Elizabeth is dedicated to her profession and is recognized as an exemplary nurse by her peers and patients. Being an RN gave her a sense of purpose and enabled her to be a financially independent single mother of 4 children.

Unfortunately as a single mother, all financial responsibilities fell on her, bills don't stop when you're sick. Medical insurance has also added to the financial strain.

Elizabeth Wintz And Daughter
Elizabeth Wintz And Sons

Elizabeth had a lot to achieve before progressing; She was unable to work for several months as she was quarantined to prevent exposure to additional illnesses that could have compromised her health.

This was a difficult time in Elizabeth's life. The funds raised were used to pay her COBRA medical insurance medical bills and to support her 4 children.

Update: Unfortunately Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer on April 8th, 2023.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.

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