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Colin " Fame Faiella

Fame Faiella is an Artist, Producer, Beat Maker, Rapper, And Graphic Designer.

Born and raised in Cape Coral Florida, Fame's been around music his whole life.


Fame performed in talent shows, dancing with his high school hip-hop team, to performing on stage with numerous musical icons around the U.S.

Fame is the protégé of the late great " Fresh Kid Ice" who was the co-founder of the legendary Hip-Hop duo, 2 Live Crew.

Fame has digitally released some of his earlier music singles on Kid Ice label, Chinaman Records. Fame Specializes in Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, and Top 40 music.

Fame continues to perform nationwide and releases music regularly.

Fame Faiella and Fresh Kid Ice
Fame Faiella and Cara Tavani

Quote from Fame: I want to thank all my supporters from the bottom of my heart.

You are the ones who show me love and give me the drive to push harder; Without the support of each of you, this journey wouldn't be possible.


Every day I wake up and do what I love which is a blessing; Again, bless each one of you who stuck by my side.


Thank You For All Your Support !!!

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