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Communities Unite was created to support and make a difference in the lives of communities and the people in them.


Our platform allows others in the community to support each other by utilizing our resources to get involved, better themselves, and be an example of how communities can benefit by helping each other.

" Where great social change and ideas can emerge from anywhere "

We believe all communities can help one another,
communities are support systems when you least expect it !

Communities Unite - Our Mission

Our Mission

Communities Unite is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charity in the state of Pennsylvania and is a 100% Volunteer-based network of individuals and like-minded affiliates.

We continue to build our network of like-minded individuals such as yourself and companies that want to help make an impact in their communities.


Please understand that we can help one another by raising awareness for situations and celebrating as a community or for local businesses and assisting each other in various ways the community feels would be most beneficial as a whole.

Each day, thousands of people like you want to support charities but don't know how; Our network of donors and volunteers share the same mission of uniting communities.

Feel Free To Reach Out

Something shouldn’t have to be negative for people to get involved to help make a difference in their neighborhood.

Communities Unite's goal is to offer our platform and resources to communities should they need a helping hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please use our Contact Us page we'll be more than happy to answer. 


Visit our official Facebook & Instagram accounts below :


" Together, there is no missing piece"

Community Volunteers
Communities Unite - Our Vision

Our Vision

Our platform provides Sponsors, Vendors, and Donors with ways to make a real difference.

Working with individuals and communities like yourselves allows us to raise funds to help communities in need of assistance or by having fun-filled events for children that are beneficial in elevating their skills.

Communities Unite is grateful for the opportunity to have supporters like you help us reach our goals. 

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