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Volunteer With Communities Unite


Volunteers are vital to Communities Unite. Our work wouldn't be possible without the support of individuals like you who make a real and lasting impact. There’s so much you can do by volunteering your specific skills, interests, abilities, and time.

Contact us on ways you can be involved. Become a volunteer and join our mailing list to hear about our latest efforts to influence the next generation of young people and community leaders !

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Individuals like you help Communities Unite change one event and community at a time by volunteering your time and talents to our efforts.

Donating Water Bottles
Plants and Leaves


You have a gift and it’s the most charitable contribution you can make; Join us and contribute your skills and experience towards improving the community.

Planting Trees
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You can assist us in fundraising efforts or do hands-on work as opportunities vary and any amount of time can contribute will make a difference.

Uniting Generations
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