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Hello, My name is Cara Tavani, I am the Founder & CEO of Communities Unite.

I started my charity as a way of bringing communities together by helping each other by way of example.


From the most minuscule to burdensome tasks, I am fortunate enough to be blessed in many ways to have Sponsors, Vendors, and Donors who believe in our project and events... Ultimately, the vision of Communities Unite.

Helping Communities

Although I’ve been helping my community since 2018, I've created Communities Unite, a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit charity organization.


Our primary growth is utilizing companies, various platforms, and word of mouth from the surrounding communities.

This is something I created to prove that communities can benefit from one another by using our platform and knowledge to raise funds for individuals and communities in need.


My Mission

Communities Unite is the love I have for helping people; This isn’t something you just do, you have to love it. This is something you have to prove to yourself and the community

Nothing pleases me more than working on a project from inception and watching everything blossom into fruition and knowing I have the support of the community.

My Vision

There shouldn’t have to be a negative situation for people to get involved to make an impact.

To the best of my abilities, I want to help communities who are in immediate need of assistance in any community by sending a message for others to get involved.


My Goal

I have coached a middle school (7th & 8th grade) Basketball team over the summer of 2022, Helped individuals receive medical treatment who was dying of cancer, Churches, Rides for individuals going to medical appointments, Musicians, Boxers, and worked with a high school for a child to get approved for grants.

My Long term goal is for my company to be a household name in this great country of ours and to spread the message by example of how communities can help each other with small acts of kindness.

Show Your Support

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