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Hazel " Latin Lover " Roche

Luis "Hazel" Roche, was born and raised in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico; Along with his family, he moved state-side to Philadelphia, PA when he was 15 years old.


Of all his accomplishments, his biggest is being a proud father to 3 beautiful girls.

Before becoming a star, Hazel worked as a boxing coach in Philadelphia teaching children and young adults until the fortunate day he met Official Celebrity Boxing CEO and former professional undefeated boxer, Damon Feldman.

For the last 4 years, Hazel (The Latin Lover) has been the face and Heavyweight Champ of Official Celebrity Boxing with a current record of 10 wins and 2 defeats. Hazel has fought some of the best the industry has to offer such as :

2x World Heavyweight Boxer Tim Witherspoon

Media Influencer - Sam " The Rabbi “Bregman

5x ECW Wrestling Legend - The Sandman

Musical R&B Legend - Al B. Sure

Freestyle Music Artist - Jayquan

Hazel " The Latin Lover " Roche
Communities Unite -  Austin Beltrante Charity Event

Hazel is the CEO of Hazel Roche Production LLC where he does charity work with us here at Communities Unite. He has helped those in life-threatening situations with cancer such as Christina DeFelice, to whom he dedicated his Celebrity Boxing PPV fight and participated at the Kendra Scott jewelry event.

Hazel teamed up with music artist, Fame Faiella, for the song, Latin Lover 2.

Fame performed this song during Hazel's PPV match at Fite TV, a tribute to the people who lost their lives in Uvalde, TX in 2022. 

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