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Helping Communities

Coached basketball Fall 2022, Summer & Fall 2023 ( 9/10th grade )

Our charity has guided children to bolster their passions to help their and other communities by introducing them to our other platform known as Communities Unite – Kids. Our charity has educated them about our mission as well as them offering their own time to volunteer their time with us and other Non-Profits to understand the difference in our mission.

Communities Unite And Blue Hens Basketball Team
Hazel Roche And Fame Faiella

Prior and Current

I have provided individuals with cancer rides to their oncologist, babysat for them, and had 3 separate events in their honor on other several platforms to bring awareness of their cause. 

Before becoming a Non-Profit, I volunteered as a personal assistant to boxer Hazel Roche and Music Entertainer Fame Faiella. I have helped their careers with walk-outs ( Ring/Stage Entrance ), and legal paperwork. I am proud to sponsor their careers by supplying stage/ring attire, travel arrangements, and hotel accommodations; What I appreciate most is they learned the true understanding of charity and “ Pay It Forward ” to others.

Helping Communities

I coached a middle school (7th & 8th grade) Basketball team over the summer of 2022, Helped individuals receive medical treatment who were dying of cancer, Churches, Rides for individuals going to medical appointments, Musicians, Boxers, and worked with a high school for a child to get approved for grants.

Communities Unite Charity Event
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